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NBPA Hosts Two-Day Real Estate Symposium To Educate its Players

To kick off the week the NBPA announced the launch of a two-day Virtual Real Estate Symposium.

This is not the first the Players Association has run a similar program. Over the last six years, the NBPA has offered a number of real estate seminars and programs during the offseason for its players to help them network with industry leaders, gain knowledge of real estate, and potential plant seeds for a career following the NBA.

This year’s two-day event is being led by players who have attended similar NBPA programs in the past and have experience in building business and have real estate ventures of their own. The 2021 NBPA Real Estate Symposium will feature the following guest speakers: Anthony Tolliver, Jerryd Bayless, Pat Connaughton, Bobby Simmons, Devean George, John Crotty, Josh Childress, Robert Hite, and Trevor Booker.

“Over the last six years, we have seen a number of players who have come to our real estate programs and later went on to build their own businesses and ventures in this industry,” said Deborah Murman, the NBPA’s Director of Career Development. “This year’s virtual real estate symposium will be special in the sense that we will have current and former players running the show, a great opportunity for our program participants to learn from their peers who have had their own success in real estate while also developing new skills to maximize their platform off the court.”

Current player Tolliver also offered an important message for the league’s players.

“I’ve always had a passion for real estate even before I started playing basketball professionally,” said Tolliver, an alumnus of the NBPA’s real estate program. “As players, it’s never too early to begin finding new interests like real estate that can set you up for life after basketball. Attending the NBPA’s real estate program earlier in my career was very helpful for my own ventures in this industry and I am excited to serve as a resource for other players who are proactively taking this step to learn more about real estate.”

The NBPA emphasizes education through growth.


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