Thank You Kyle


An Era Complete as Kyle Lowry’s Time in Toronto Comes to an End

With that, the Kyle Lowry era in Toronto has come to an end.

And what an era it has been.

Spanning nearly a decade, Lowry’s tenure will be remembered forever and Lowry will go down as the greatest Toronto Raptor of all-time. It was never just about his play on the floor, it was his leadership, it was his will to win, it was his willingness to put his body on the line each and every night.

He didn’t embody what it takes to be a Raptor – the Raptors took on his personality.

Lowry arrived to Toronto in 2012 and in his nine seasons with the Raptors, he was named to the NBA’s All-Star team six times, but above all, he became the heart and soul of the most dominant era of Raptors basketball – an era that was punctuated with the team’s first championship. It was a moment that will stick with every Raptor fan until the end of the time and Lowry had his finger prints all over it.

“Kyle Lowry is the Greatest Raptor of All Time. Everyone knows that,” said Toronto mayor John Tory in a statement this evening upon news of Lowry signing a three-year deal with the Miami Heat. “Kyle united the Raptors and Toronto, and made a whole country cheer. He will be missed but he will not be forgotten. And trust me: when it’s safe, he will be celebrated. I’m confident that one day when the time is right, just as we have celebrated other great players from other great championship teams, there will be a statue celebrating his legacy in our city.”

“Kyle, we will compete hard against you to win. But we will always love you and Toronto will always welcome you. Thank you Kyle Lowry

At this point, we run out of superlatives for Lowry’s greatness and leadership. He’s been here for nearly a decade and over that duration, we have recycled and re-written the same story using different wording, but the theme has always been the same. Without Lowry, the Raptors would not be where they are. Without Lowry, the history of Canada’s team would never be what it is.

Leading up to this free agency period, we knew that Lowry’s time in Toronto was set to come to an end and yet it is still difficult to see him go to a team that does not have the Raptors logo stitched to its chest. It is now time for the Raptors to move into a new direction.

One way or another, Lowry will be back in Toronto so this may be goodbye, but it is by no means a farewell.

Thank you for the memories Kyle!


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