Ujiri Unveils “Humanity” Installation in Continued Fight for Social Justice

Masai Ujiri is here to stay.

The new vice-chairman of the Toronto Raptors has built a lasting legacy in Toronto that goes beyond his team’s accomplishments on the basketball court.

On the floor, he has already built a championship team, helping bring Canada its first NBA title back in 2019. Off the court, he continues to make a far greater impact whether it is through his Giants of Africa initiative or acts of charity that help the city of Toronto. On Wednesday, the “Humanity” installation was unveiled outside Union Station, where Ujiri hopes to continue the ongoing conversation surrounding social justice based on inspirational messages from his idol Nelson Mandela.

“It’s inspired by Nelson Mandela,” Ujiri said, standing in front of the installation. “I wanted to put a symbol up to remind people that we should think of others and we should be kind to others all the time. These times, the last couple of years, have shown we all need each other as much as we can. Who we are as people, what we feel, social justice, George Floyd, everything came to my mind with this and it’s time for us to really feel each other … that’s what inspired this.”

The circular installation is 2.4-metres high and was constructed by builder Ramm Design through collaborations with Ujiri himself. Ujiri’s desire to speak out on social justice is one of the reasons why he chose to remain in Toronto.

“I felt this was home,” he said. “I felt the platform to really speak and support people using our voices was very important to me. Youth, women empowerment, youth development, all these things, they matter in this day and age and in this world. Toronto has a unique place and a unique platform in the world to speak.”

The fight goes on.


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