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In-Game Wagers Coming to NBA as SportsBooks Set to Bid Big

With the gambling market bigger than it ever has been, the NBA is all in on maximizing its financial impact.

According to numerous sources, companies such as FanDuel, Draft Kings and Caesars Sportsbook are all expected to make bids for the NBA’s live game rights.

While the terms of these bids are not yet known, the league’s next TV contract is set to begin in 2025, while the negotiations will take place in 2022. T.K. Gore, the chief revenue officer of a real-time streaming technology company, said that once the NBA works out its terms with a gambling platform, fans will be able to stream live games across a sportsbook’s platform and make in-game wagers.

ABC/ESPN and TNT have all split the NBA’s TV package for nearly 20 years now, going all the way back to 2002. The league earns $2.6 billion per year from ESPN and TNT, and it is expected that the next round could go up to $8 billion per year.

The NBA is not leaving a single stone unturned.


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